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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Credit Foncier mean in Webster Dictionary?

Webster Dictionary(0.00 / 0 votes)Rate this definition: Credit foncier. a company licensed for the purpose of carrying out improvements, by means of loans and advances upon real securities.

What did the Credit Foncier de France do?

The Crédit Foncier de France provided mortgage loan by using house or land as collateral with low interest and long term agreement. In 1820, it was extended its business by providing housing loans to public and financing government to construct public infrastructure.

Who is the CEO of the Credit Foncier?

The current CEO is Bruno Deletré. On 26 June 2018 it was announced that the organisation was to be closed, and its activities integrated into BPCE. The Crédit Foncier (English: landed credit) initially made loans to communes.

What is the minimum OC for Credit Foncier?

The 5% breakeven overcollateralisation (OC) for the 'AA+' OF-rating is unchanged and is set at the minimum legal OC level for Societe de Credit Foncier (SCF) programmes in France. Amen Bank was founded in 1971 as Credit Foncier et Commercial de Tunisie.

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