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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be a Credit Foncier?

Such Act describes the Credit Foncier as business that can receive money as deposit from the public and repay at maturity, Credit Foncier can utilize the money in either of the following

How to calculate loan repayment in Credit Foncier?

To calculate Payments, fill in Loan Term *2. To calculate Loan Term to pay off a loan, input a repayment amount in Credit Foncier *3. The Schedule of loan repayments may be exported to an Excel spreadsheet

What did the Credit Foncier de France do?

The Crédit Foncier de France provided mortgage loan by using house or land as collateral with low interest and long term agreement. In 1820, it was extended its business by providing housing loans to public and financing government to construct public infrastructure.

Who was the founder of the Credit Foncier business?

Therefore, Louis Wolowski was initiated a Crédit Foncier business (English: landed credit). Later on the French Government realized the importance of this business and supported the establishment of “Crédit Foncier de France” in 1816.

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