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Frequently Asked Questions

What can passengers expect when taking a cruise out of San Francisco?

One thing has remained constant throughout its colorful history—the city’s enviable location at the tip of a peninsula separating San Francisco Bay from the Pacific Ocean. Around every corner and from every hilltop, views of the water and the city’s bridges wait to be photographed. Expect beautiful views as you cruise from San Francisco Bay.

What are the best cruises out of San Francisco?

Viking and Celebrity Cruises are some of the most opulent cruises that depart from San Francisco. Celebrity Cruises provide typical luxury cruise experiences from San Francisco, while Viking cruises are more opulent because of their smaller ships and larger suites that give guests a more exclusive ambiance.

How much does a cruise from San Francisco typically cost?

San Francisco cruises often range from 15+ nights providing cruisers with a variety of different entertainment and dining options. How much do cruises from San Francisco cost? Starting at just $198, choose the perfect cruise from San Francisco that fits your traveling desires. Princess is the only cruise line cruising out of San Francisco.

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