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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CS connect?

What is CS Connect? CS Connect, a communications tool available in most CS Professional Suite products, provides you with a fast, secure and convenient way to download licenses and software updates and (for some products) to transmit and retrieve client information.

Who is C&S?

Founded in 1918 as a supplier to independent grocery stores, C&S now services customers of all sizes, supplying more than 7,700 independent supermarkets, chain stores, military bases and institutions with over 137,000 different products. Why choose C&S?

What is CS connect’s integrated online lab form?

Doctor-lab communication is simplified with CS Connect’s integrated online lab form. Through this form, practices are able to streamline their workflow by eliminating the need to look for and attach a scanned document or digital .PDF file to describe the requested work.

What are the minimum system requirements for CS connect login?

CS Connect Login Minimum Site Requirements:IE 6.0+• Firefox 2.0+• Chrome 4.0+ The American Society of Mechanical Engineers Copyright © 1996-ASME. All Rights Reserved. Terms of Use| Privacy Statement

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