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Frequently Asked Questions

How many student organizations are there at CSUSM?

CSUSM offers over 100 recognized organizations in a variety of categories, so there is something for everyone. To learn more about available student organizations, check out the student organization directory. We hope to see you there! Contact the Student Leadership & Involvement Center for more information.

What is a CSUSM student identification number?

Students enrolled at CSUSM will be issued a unique student identification number. This number will be used on all forms, identification cards, petitions, class rosters, and University records. It will be utilized for all student services and campus transactions.

Does CSUSM recognize statistics courses outside the CSU system?

*CSUSM currently recognizes a statistics course taken outside of the CSU system and the California Community Colleges as satisfying the requirement in mathematics/quantitative reasoning if the course is certified by a California community college or has an explicit intermediate algebra prerequisite.

Is mycsusm unavailable?

We apologize for the inconvenience. The system is currently unavailable. If outside the maintenance window, please contact [email protected] Tuesday nights 9PM - 12AM as needed. Please visit our guide to read about the latest (small) changes in MyCSUSM navigation.

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