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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to the Communist Party in Cuba?

The Communist Party gave up its monopoly on elections, and now anyone can get elected. Most Cubans signed a pledge vowing to continue socialism. Their system will almost certainly outlive the Castros, and the Castros may outlive most or all of the exile leaders.

Is Cuba a communist country?

Cuba remains among the handful of officially communist states, although inevitable change is high on the local agenda.

What are some good books about the history of communism in Cuba?

International Communism and the Communist International, 1919-43. Manchester. Manchester University Press. 1998. "First Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba: Havana, December 17-22, 1975 (Collection of Documents)". Fidel Castro. "Main Report, Second Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba" (December 1980).

When did the Ori become the Communist Party of Cuba?

On 26 March 1962, the ORI became the United Party of the Cuban Socialist Revolution (PURSC) which, in turn, became the Communist Party of Cuba on 3 October 1965.

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