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Frequently Asked Questions

What impact has communism had in Cuba?

Communism in Cuba, its international impact, the democratic resistance and U.S. Cuba policy. Communism took power in Cuba through deceit and intrigue in 1959. While Fidel Castro denied he was a communist, promising to restore democracy in the island, he began consolidating totalitarian rule and exporting revolution in Latin America and Africa.

Does Cuba have a democracy government?

Officially, Cuba is a people's democracy, as opposed to the " liberal democracy " of Western states. Cuba thus rejects criticism of its political system as a lack of appreciation for different forms of democracy other than those in capitalist states.

Is Cuba a dictatorship country?

The answer is, yes. Cuba is a brutal dictatorship under the Castro regime. ... It is important to be clear: The Castro brothers, both Raul and Fidel, are authoritarian brutal dictators, who have imposed their absolute rule and power over the people in Cuba, since January 1959.

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