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Frequently Asked Questions

How has communism affected Cuba?

When it comes to crime, drugs, and gang-related violence, communist Cuba is far safer than capitalist Latin American countries. But this is not a democracy, and being a dissident here can land you in jail. While other countries have their economic elites in business, Cuba has its economic elites in high government posts.

Does Cuba have a communism or socialism economy?

While no modern-day countries are considered to have a "pure" socialist system, Cuba, China, and North Korea have strong elements of socialist market economies. Both communism and socialism are based on a vision of a classless society in which goods and services are shared equitably.

What was Cuba's type of government before communism?

Cuba has had a democratic centralist political system embodied in the "one state - one party" principle since 1959. Constitutionally, Cuba is a socialist country ruled by the dictates of Marxism. The Communist Party of Cuba is the leading force both at the society level and in the state.

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