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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Cuba have enough land for sustainable agriculture?

Access to land is not the problem; the Cuban government began encouraging sustainable agriculture during the Special Period of the 1990s to increase production and Cuba’s land tenure laws are very advanced.

What are the biggest challenges facing Cuba today?

Cuba’s dual currency system, the country’s remaining debt, and the U.S. embargo all continue to present major challenges to development and growth as well. This is not to say Cuba hasn’t made some progress. In 2015, Cuba renegotiated a major portion of its official debt.

How should the Cuban government prioritize sustainability?

Experts agreed that the Cuban government should prioritize sustainability to provide long-term solutions to its current growth problems. They identified three key facets of sustainability (social, economic, and environmental), which should be considered in relationship to each other when developing policy.

Can Cuba reenergize its economic reform agenda in 2018?

As it prepares for the post-Castro era in February 2018, Cuba has the opportunity to reenergize its economic reform agenda to promote sustainable growth and stability on the island.

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