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Frequently Asked Questions

How many schools are in Cuba?

Cuba has approximately 2,000 schools with less than ten students, usually located in remote areas. In these schools group classes are organized for students who also achieve excellent results. Cuba has one of the highest teacher-student ratios in the world, with one teacher for every 42 inhabitants.

What school did Cuba Gooding Jr go to?

Cuba Gooding Jr. attended four different high schools, including North Hollywood High School (NHSS), Tustin High School, Apple Valley High School, and John F. Kennedy High School in Granada Hills in Los Angeles. According to, he graduated from NHHS (Class of 1987).

What is the education like in Cuba?

The education system in Cuba is well-established, free, and of very good quality. The system was nationalized after the 1959 revolution and operated by the government. The constitution states that educational and cultural policy is based on Marxist ideology.

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