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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cube used for?

The cube is important as a geometric shape used in mathematical proofs, architecture, and other mathematically linked areas; as well as in the kitchen and beyond. Here are some of the important meanings of this shape.

Is it rubiks cube or rubix cube?

Rubik's cube is a cube with edges approximately 56 mm (2.2 in) long. It consists of 26 smaller cubes; one side is made up of 3x3 such cubes. If you take an ordinary cube and cut it as you would a Rubik's cube, you are left with 27 smaller cubes. Rubik's cube does not contain the cube from the very middle.

What is a cube sofa?

This sleek design sofa has painted hardwood legs upholstered in black velvet. The Cube Sofa is a Monty Lawton / Matt Zuckerman design. We cover a large amount of events but not limited to special events, weddings, corporate events, private events, film and television, as well as social events.

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