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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the manager of the Chicago Cubs?

“It’s fun, the stuff you miss and want to be a part of when you are working,” said Ross, entering his third season as the Cubs manager.

Who are the international signings for the Chicago Cubs?

The Chicago Cubs kicked off Major League Baseball’s international signing period Saturday by agreeing to deals with two highly ranked infielders. The Cubs most notably are signing shortstop Alexis Hernandez (Dominican Republic) for $1. 3 million, third baseman Adan Sanchez (Panama) for $1.

Who is the union representative for the Cubs?

Podcast master and coffee man Ian Happ has kept up with his side hustles along with his duties as the Cubs' players union representative. Anthony Rizzo made an appearance on Happ's "The Compound" podcast in December.

Who is the new infielder for the Cubs?

Adbert Alzolay and Justin Steele got together for a workout last month, and new Cubs infielder Nick Madrigal is back in the batting cage as he works his way back from his season-ending surgery last June.

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