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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose CXI for currency exchange?

With a focus on technology and superior customer service, CXI can simplify your foreign currency exchange needs. From travelers to corporations and financial institutions large and small, CXI puts their clients first.

Who is CXI?

- A Leading Provider of Foreign Currency Exchange Services in North America Currency Exchange International, CXI, is a leading provider of comprehensive foreign exchange services, risk management solutions, and integrated international payments processing technology in North America.

What is cCurrency Exchange International?

Currency Exchange International, Corp. - A Leading Provider of Foreign Currency Exchange Technology and Services in North America including exchanging foreign banknotes, international wire payments, foreign check clearing and foreign draft issuance

Where can I get foreign currency exchange services?

CXI's agent Mall at Millenia also provides foreign currency exchange services, though owned and operated independently from CXI. CXI's courteous, knowledgeable staff offers exchange rates that are better than local banks and much better than the airport exchange rates.

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