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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CX650 power supply?

The CX650 provides modern power supply technologies and 80 PLUS Bronze efficiency at a competitive price point. It is black with black cable sleeving and connectors and a thermally controlled 120mm fan. The LLC resonant topology with DC to DC ensures complete compatibility with all modern day PCs.

What kind of fan does a cx650m have?

Besides the semi-modular cable design and 40 °C temperature rating, the CX650M also features a single +12V rail and sleeve-bearing fan that promises quiet operation. Since this is an 80 PLUS Bronze unit, there is no semi-passive mode.

Who makes the Great Wall CX650?

Corsair's CX line is made by two manufacturers, Channel Well Technology and Great Wall. Both are good OEMs with solid manufacturing lines. As we noticed in the CX450 review, both flavors have equal performance. In today's review, we will take a look at the Great Wall version of the CX650. You can distinguish it by its RPS number, which is RPS0065.

What is the difference between the CX650 and the cwt 80 Plus Silver?

According to Jon Gerow (aka Jonnyguru), the Great Wall version of the CX650 has higher efficiency than its CWT counterpart, 80 PLUS Silver. Still, it is advertised as Bronze to stay in the same category and not bring confusion to future buyers.

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