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Frequently Asked Questions

What does cxchoice mean for the closing exchange?

"CXChoice, our new integrated platform allows you to use your workflow, our integrated platform, and your customer's choice on how to close," said Alan Frelix, CEO of The Closing Exchange. "We offer our clients the ability to leverage their existing workflow for a simplified signing services implementation.

What is cxchoice?

The Closing Exchange offers a dynamic, highly integrated signing services platform, CXChoice, to transform your customer experience. CXChoice is a seamless, integrated platform which allows you to leverage your current workflow for simplified implementation and management.

Where can I get a demo of cxchoice?

For a demo of CXChoice or more information on The Closing Exchange, visit The Closing Exchange offers dynamic vendor management and signing services to the mortgage, reverse mortgage, auto lending and structured settlement industries provided by a trained and trusted network of notaries and attorneys.

What is the closing exchange doing with its new capital?

The Closing Exchange intends to use the newly raised capital to meet this critical need. The Closing Exchange, a leading dynamic vendor management and signing services company, announces a multi-million-dollar investment in its digital signing services business.

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