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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose CX power?

With our deep inventory and our highly-trained, experienced staff, CX Power is strongly positioned to fulfill any project with speed, accuracy and our unique labor-saving solutions. LEARN MORE CXLIGHTING&CONTROLS

Why choose CX prep?

CXPREP With the challenge of finding well trained and qualified labor, productivity is critically important. Our CX Prep services provide a number of outstanding, high-impact solutions to help make installers more productive. LEARN MORE CXPOWER

Why choose cxlighting&controls?

CXLIGHTING&CONTROLS Aside from the sheer aesthetics of building design, no other aspect of a construction project produces the same visual impact and return on investment as its lighting design. LEARN MORE FEATURED CATEGORIES

What is the SKU for the CX clamp meters?

CX SKU: 1055154 Lithonia Lighting® Mounting Plate, 4 to 8 in, 10 More Ideal® 61-746 CX SKU: 1033937 IDEAL® Clamp-Pro™ Clamp Meter, 40/400/ More

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