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Frequently Asked Questions

What is uc-cx100-t?

The UC-CX100-T system brings the full Microsoft Teams Rooms UC experience to any meeting space in an enterprise or SMB facility, whether implementing a cloud based Microsoft Teams Rooms deployment, on‑premises Skype® for Business software, or a hybrid of the two.

What is the Polycom cx100 speakerphone?

The Polycom CX100 speakerphone delivers remarkable, wide-band audio quality that enables seamless voice and video communications with no compromises. Enjoy hands-free calls that don’t require you to wear your headset.

What is the Crestron flex uc-cx100?

The Crestron Flex UC-CX100-T system provides a customizable conference room solution for use with the Microsoft Teams Rooms intelligent communications platform. It supports single or dual video display 1 and features a 10.1 in. touch screen, UC Presentation Transmitter, and UC Bracket Assembly.

What is the uc-cx100-t flex integrator kit?

The UC-CX100-T Crestron Flex integrator kit provides a customizable video conference solution for use with Microsoft Teams® Rooms software. It supports single or dual video displays 1 (not included) and features a UC presentation transmitter, a tabletop touch screen and a UC bracket assembly.

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