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Frequently Asked Questions

Why digital check Cx30 check scanner?

The Digital Check CX30 Check Scanner is the first bank-quality scanner that does not compromise on features or functions yet is priced for the small business market. . .

What is the serial number of the chexpress Cx30 scanner?

MODEL: CheXpress CX30 PN : 152000-02 Inkjet SN : 607121234567 Scanner Model Optional Inkjet Serial Number ●Note:Ink platform style might vary based on production.

How do I install the ink cartridges on the CX30 platform?

The cartridges are installed the same way for all CX30 platform styles. Step 1: Gently pull out the tabs on both sides of the scanner cover. Lift up on the cover to remove it and provide access to the inkjet platform. Step 2: Open the ink cartridge pouch and remove the protective tape covering the ink nozzles. Be careful not

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