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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of power does a cx302v power amplifier use?

The CX302V features PowerLight technology, high output power, versatile loading options and proven reliability to meet the requirements for distributed audio systems CX302V 70V Power Amplifier – QSC

What is a QSC 70V cx-302v 2 channel Direct Output power amplifier?

The 70V CX-302V 2 Channel Direct Output Power Amplifier from QSC is a two-channel, transformerless, 70V output amplifier. It features PowerLight switch-mode power supply technology and has an integrated security cover designed for tamper-proof installation.

What is a CX 2 channel amplifier?

The CX 2-channel series is a line of amplifiers designed for installation applications requiring premium sound quality and high output. Recognized by sound contractors worldwide for their reliability, CX 2-channel amplifiers feature PowerLight power supply technology reducing weight, eliminating AC mains hum and improving audio quality.

Is there an isolation transformer available for the cx302?

* An isolation transformer (theIT-42) is available for the CX302, which converts its low-impedance outputs to isolated 400 W per channel constant-voltage outputs. QSC on Facebook Facebook logo QSC on LinkedIn

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