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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the wattage of a cx750m?

Specifications Size ATX Edition CX750M Wattage 750 W 80 PLUS Certification 80 PLUS Bronze Max. Efficiency (at 230Vac) 85 % 18 more rows ...

Who makes Corsair cx750m power supply?

Corsair CX750M PSU Review 1 Corsair CX750M Power Supply Review. All of Corsair's CX and CX-M units are made by Channel Well Technology, an OEM that keeps close ties with the company. 2 Specifications. ... 3 Power Specifications. ... 4 Cables And Connectors. ... 5 Power Distribution. ...

What is the difference between the Yate cx650m and the cx750m?

The CX650M uses a 120mm fan, while the CX750M employs a 140mm fan provided by Yate Loon. The D14SH-12 is a sleeve-bearing fan, and given the lack of a semi-passive mode, we can't help but wonder whether it will survive the five-year warranty period in systems that run all day.

What makes the CX series modular so quiet at idle?

Employing a thermally controlled fan makes the CX Series Modular quieter at idle, and the large diameter reduces noise even when you’re pushing your system hard. - CX Series Modular ATX Power Supply. - Modular cable pack. . .

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