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Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes Corsair cx750m power supply?

Corsair CX750M PSU Review 1 Corsair CX750M Power Supply Review. All of Corsair's CX and CX-M units are made by Channel Well Technology, an OEM that keeps close ties with the company. 2 Specifications. ... 3 Power Specifications. ... 4 Cables And Connectors. ... 5 Power Distribution. ...

What is the efficiency of the cx750m?

The CX750M is rated for 80 PLUS Bronze efficiency. The CX750M is semi-modular and all cables are either fully sleeved or of the flat ribbon type.

How does the Corsair cx750m compare to Corsair's cx650m?

The CX750M's efficiency is low compared to Corsair's CX650M, and under light loads this model takes last place. We wanted to see higher efficiency levels, but this platform isn't up to the challenge.

What cabling do I need for the cx750m?

The CX750M features 80 PLUS Bronze efficiency and, in order to keep production cost down, semi-modular cabling with only the pair of absolutely essential cables (ATX and EPS) being native. Even if you hate native cables, it's hard to get around the fact that you'd need those two in any build.

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