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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the new Corsair rm750x (2021) any good?

The new Corsair RM750x (2021) achieves top performance, isn't noisy, and is equipped with a top-notch ML fan. Corsair CP-9020187-NA RMX...

What do you think about the rm750x?

The RM750x is made by Channel Well Technology, like the rest of the line, and all of its cables are modular. The external design looks nice, and the fan grille, with the triangle perforations, doesn't look so restrictive. The PSU's dimensions are normal, which is a good thing since the smaller the power supply, the higher the noise output.

What is the difference between RM and CX-F Series?

Cx one also has rgb, but is rm one worth the money. (I am building a system with r5 5600x and rtx3070 or rx 6700xt.) RM series is tier-A rated, CX-F series is tier-B.

Are the RM and CX power supplies overpriced?

Those CX and RM units are overpriced. You can get better quality units for less in each efficiency and capacity class. You don't need as many connectors as in 1000HX which had six PCIe connectors. if I'm not mistaken, your graphics cards use three PCIe connectors in total. Even many 650W units have four PCIe connectors.

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