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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get Old cxbx builds on GitHub?

To grab any build, go to Click Assets > Builds earlier than April 2020 are not available on Github releases. The only way to acquire them is to clone the repo and build them yourself.

What's new on the cxbx-website?

An update has been deployed to the Cxbx-Reloaded website and the following changes have been made: A screenshot gallery has been added. This will show all screenshots from compatibility reports, ordered by most recent. Fixed a bug where a report shows the global compatibility status, rather than that specific reports status

Is there a way to use the D-pad with cxbx-R?

Otherwise use DirectInput and set up your mappings. Under DirectInput Cxbx-r does not support a hat switch, so your D-pad might not work. I use an original Xbox S controller with a homemade USB adapter and XBCD. In XBCD, I reprogrammed the D-pad as 4 digital buttons instead of a hat switch, so I can use it with Cxbx-r.

Is XQEMU better than cxbx-based HLE?

The good news is the efforts currently underway are starting to see real effects. While it's true that Cxbx-Reloaded will have the upper hand with a primarily HLE-based approach on Windows, XQEMU will have the advantage of going by the book.

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