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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are currency exchange International, Corp ( CXI )?

Currency Exchange International, Corp (CXI) is a leading provider of foreign currency exchange services in North America. We provide our services to individuals through our branch network in popular tourist destinations. We’re also one of the largest third party currency exchange providers to financial institutions and corporations.

How many years of experience does CXI trucking have?

CXI’s Management Team has over 100 Years of experience in the Transportation Service Industry. We pride ourselves on Uniformed, Courteous and Safety Minded drivers. We only use company owned equipment ensuring that all trucks are well maintained in order to provide our customers with timely pick ups and deliveries.

How to pay for a CXI home delivery order?

CXI has no control over how a credit card company categorizes these transactions. When you place a Home Delivery order, you will pay during the online checkout. Payment will be authenticated and taken when you select the “Submit Payment” button on the Contact & Payment page of the online checkout cart.

Can you reserve more than one currency at a CXI branch?

There are no limitations to the amount of currency a customer is able to reserve at a physical CXI branch. However, the website may only accept up to certain amounts. If you would like to reserve more than the website allows, you may call or go to the local CXI branch to place the reservation.

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