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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CIMG?

What is CImg? The Library is a small and open-source C++ toolkit for image processing , designed with these properties in mind : defines classes and methods to manage images in your own C++ code.

What is CxImage?

Introduction & License. CxImage is a C++ class that can load, save, display, and transform images in a very simple and fast way. The class CxImage is free; as for the TIFF, JPEG, PNG and ZLIB libraries : "If you use this source code in a product, acknowledgement is not required but would be appreciated.".

Is it possible to use CxImage library on VxWorks platform?

Thanks for this wonderful code. on Vxworks platform Cximage library is not supported. So, I and rewriting the code using the functions provided by CxImage. so, while rotating an image, some portion of the image is getting cut. i would like to have solution for it. if x and y are out of bound, what the function GetPixelcolorinterpolated does?

How can I get Started with CIMG?

You can help to be more widely known, by displaying a CImg Flyer at work, in your lab or school (available in .PDF or .JPEG formats). You can report bugs, propose patches or new functionalities, using the forum. You can write tutorials or parts of the documentation.

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