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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the function of vvcxip4?

The nuclear-localized CAX-interacting protein VvCXIP4 is exported to the cytosol after a Ca 2+ pulse, to activate the tonoplast-localized Ca 2+ /H + exchanger VvCAX3.

Is cxip4 a novel Arabidopsis protein that activates the H+/Ca2+ antiporter?

Cheng, N. H., Liu, J. Z., Nelson, R. S. & Hirschi, K. D. Characterization of CXIP4, a novel Arabidopsis protein that activates the H + /Ca 2+ antiporter, CAX1. FEBS Lett. 559, 99–106 (2004).

How similar are carboxy termini to cxip4?

Their carboxy (C) termini show moderate similarity to CXIP4, which participates in modulation of the Ca 2+ signaling network required for growth and adaptation 15.

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