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Frequently Asked Questions

What is connect the dots?

Connect the Dots is a fun way for children to practice counting. There are ten levels with over thirty different puzzles! Feedback is provided as a percentage and stars are awarded when children receive eighty percent or greater. Hints are provided after three incorrect attempts.

What is the hardest connect the dots worksheet?

Horse Connect the Dots : This connect the dots worksheet is a little more challenging, with numbers going up to 66. Astronaut Connect the Dots : Follow the dots 1-69 to reveal the astronaut. Seahorse Connect the Dots : The kids will need to count to 80 to solve this one.

Are there any free connect the dots games for kids?

There are 12 free connect the dots games on the multilingual educational site Toupty, which has versions in English and French. You can choose a color for your virtual pencil and have fun completing puzzles of fish, butterflies, polar bears, birds, dinosaurs, frogs, and more.

Is there a way to retrieve dot connect puzzles?

Unable to retrieve dot connect puzzles. Welcome! Dot Connect is just like the classic game connect the dots but without numbers to guide you. Starting from the initial dot, connect all dots on the board.

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