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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CXR test?

CXR test stands for chest X-ray, which refers to the picture of the chest area that displays the lungs, airway, heart, blood vessels, and lymph nodes.

What is an abnormal CXR?

• Abnormal CXR - An abnormal chest X-ray means any lung (including pleura) abnormality detected on interpretation by the medical officer (e.g. opacities, cavitation, fibrosis, pleural effusion, calcification(s), any unexplained or suspicious shadow, etc.).

What is a CXR PA lateral?

A CXR PA Lateral is a chest X-ray with two parts : 1- In the first one (PA, postero-anterior chest x-rays), in this view, the patient stands on front of you. 2- The second one, the patient stands laterally (a lateral chest x-rays view), in this view, the patient faces toward the left. With this test,...

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