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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the CRF do?

The CRF asset base is over R32 billion and we have more than 52,000 contributing members and councillors. Our intention is to empower you to make informed and responsible decisions regarding your retirement savings, ensuring that you have all the tools to retire financially secure

What is CSRF (cross-site request forgery)?

What is CSRF? Cross-site request forgery (also known as CSRF) is a web security vulnerability that allows an attacker to induce users to perform actions that they do not intend to perform. It allows an attacker to partly circumvent the same origin policy, which is designed to prevent different websites from interfering with each other.

What is CSRF and how does it work?

Although CSRF is normally described in relation to cookie-based session handling, it also arises in other contexts where the application automatically adds some user credentials to requests, such as HTTP Basic authentication and certificate-based authentication.

What are the conditions required for CSRF?

This meets the conditions required for CSRF: The action of changing the email address on a user's account is of interest to an attacker. Following this action, the attacker will typically be able to trigger a password reset and take full control of the user's account. The application uses a session cookie to identify which user issued the request.

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