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Frequently Asked Questions

What does xubi do?

XUBI specializes in the production of precision gears. The award was presented by Andoni Olabarria, on behalf of FAGOR ARRASATE, to XUBI‘s manager, Aitor Sudupe. With this award FAGOR ARRASATE recognizes the excellence […]

What is the cubii Jr?

The Cubii Jr's smooth elliptical motion is the easiest way to get convenient, low-impact exercise from wherever you sit! Its unique, award-winning design works over half your body's muscle groups and fits easily beneath the dining room table or in front of your sofa.

Who is xubi engranajes?

- Xubi Engranajes Leaders in design, engineering and manufacturing of high precision transmission components. We are glad to announce that Xubi Group will be at Europort 2021 in Rotterdam. Visit us at Booth 7224 Hall 7.

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