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Frequently Asked Questions

What is cxutilsvc?

The genuine CxUtilSvc.exe file is a software component of Conexant SmartAudio II by Conexant Systems. If you instead search on cxu...64 you will find various people having issues - but not recently.

Why is cxuiusvc64 Exe using a lot of resources?

A lot of Windows processes, including cxuiusvc64.exe , can from time to time consume a bunch of computer resources. Sometimes, this behaviour is normal. Programs like video editors or IDEs are notorious for it's greediness.

What is Cui?

What is CUI? Government created or owned UNCLASSIFIED information that must be safeguarded from unauthorized disclosure. An overarching term representing many difference categories, each authorized by one or more law, regulation, or Government-wide policy.

How dangerous is cxutilsvc Exe?

If CxUtilSvc.exe is located in a subfolder of C:\Windows, the security rating is 35% dangerous. The file size is 166,400 bytes (42% of all occurrences), 141,432 bytes and 8 more variants . The program has no visible window.

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