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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the cxve work?

The CXVE combines an evaporative condenser tube bundle with an integrated packed packing for cooling the circulating spray water. The steam (1) flows through the condenser coil (2), which is moistened by a spray system (3). Parallel to the water spray flow, an axial fan (4) sucks in air (5) via the tube bundles.

What is a cxve condenser?

The CXVE is an axial multiflow induced draft condenser with a tube bundle design according to PED/97/23/EC for a power range from 440 to 2,765 kW (single-cell models nominal R17 kW). It supplies the full rated thermal capacity for a wide range of refrigeration requirements and refrigerants.

How can I reduce the noise of my cxve?

CXVE units include low noise axial fans for minimal surrounding noise. To reduce noise even further, choose for Whisper Quiet fans. Factory designed, tested and rated sound attenuation is available on air inlet to cut operation noise even further. Single-side air inlet, and a quieter condenser rear for more noise-sensitive areas.

What does cvecenovus do with the proceeds from the transaction?

Cenovus (CVE) will use the proceeds from the transaction to reduce the debt burden and improve its ability to raise shareholder returns.

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