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Frequently Asked Questions

What's happening on Days of Our Lives?

Here's what's happening. Days of Our Lives is heading into a hiatus described by TVLine as "indefinite" at the end of November, with the entire cast released from their contracts obligating them to future work on the series.

Is 'Days of Our Lives' ending?

As of now, Days Of Our Lives’ future is uncertain, as NBC has ended production on Season 56 and no new season has been announced. The 56th season of the show ended production on April 16 according to TV Line. Has Days of Our Lives soap opera been Cancelled? There will be a new season of “Days of Our Lives” on NBC, starting in Season 57.

How many days are in our life?

The Average Person Lives 27,375 Days. Make Each of Them Count. That is the average lifespan in the United States today: 27,375 days. If you are typical, that is what was deposited in your “time bank” when you were born.

What is day of life?

Life Day. Life Day was a time-honored holiday observed by the Wookiees on their forested home planet of Kashyyyk, in the galaxy 's Mid Rim. It celebrated the values and tenets of Wookiee culture, including family, joy, and harmony. Traditionally, Life Day celebrations were held around the Tree of Life on Kashyyyk...

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