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Frequently Asked Questions

How is OptumCare community center - Deer Valley rated?

How is OptumCare Community Center - Deer Valley rated? OptumCare Community Center - Deer Valley has 5 stars. What days are OptumCare Community Center - Deer Valley open?

What is the Optum community center?

The Optum Community Center is a place for you to belong. It’s a welcoming, social space to meet others, learn and be active. It’s the perfect place to: 1. 2. 3. 4. At Optum, we say that you’ll come for our care, but stay for our community. The community center is open to all members in the Network, as well as friends and family.

What can I do at Optum?

Request refills and track your specialty pharmacy orders. At Optum, people come first. That means working with patients, caregivers, providers, payers and pharma to offer the best care possible. Explore programs, find support and learn about educational and financial resources. Learn how to better support the ones you love.

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