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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of devious?

departing from the most direct way; circuitous; indirect: a devious course. without definite course; vagrant: a devious current. departing from the proper or accepted way; roundabout: a devious procedure. not straightforward; shifty or crooked: a devious scheme to acquire wealth.

What is a devious credit card?

Devious credit card companies lure younger and younger people into debt with offers of low interest rates and even just free t-shirts. Devious sometimes just describes a path that is not direct, a meaning that can be traced to the Latin adjective devius, "out of the way," formed from the prefix de-, "off" plus via, "way, road."

Did you know someone Devious has lost their way?

Did you know? If you think someone devious has lost their way, you're right, etymologically speaking—the word derives from the Latin adjective devius, itself formed from the prefix de- ("from" or "away") and the noun via ("way").

Did management go by a devious route?

They went by a devious route. Officials called the company 'devious and underhand '. Management seems to have acted deviously and without regard for the interests of policyholders. Nevertheless, however devious, the stratagems chosen by a contender must at least bear the appearance of conformity with the implicit norms of the argumentative game.

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