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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a DF11 facepack?

The Football Manager DF11 Facepacks is a portrait style megapack that initiated production since October 2010. The DF11 crew do release regular updates to keep their faces up to date as much as possible.

Where can I download the DF11 football manager 2022 facepack?

TCMLogos is proud to announce the DF11 Football Manager 2022 facepack created by our partner Here you can download over 165.000 portrait styled faces for Football Manager 2022 by downloading the update extension pack below the main download.

How to view the DF11 faces in the game?

In order to fully enjoy the DF11 faces you can download the exclusive skin panels, which increases the default player portrait sizes. There are special DF11 panels available to view these large faces real sized in game. Without using these panels the faces will be shown standard sized in game.

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