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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the core folder in dfcx?

The Core folder is synonymous with the core Resource types in the DFCX Agents like: The Core folder is meant to contain the fundamental building blocks for even higher level customized tools and applications that can be built with this library.

What is dfcx scrapi?

The Python Dialogflow CX Scripting API (DFCX SCRAPI) is a high level API that extends the official Google Python Client for Dialogflow CX. SCRAPI makes using DFCX easier, more friendly, and more pythonic for bot builders, developers, and maintainers.

What is the dfscx people pillar?

The People Pillar is our evaluation of the DFSCX management team’s experience and ability. We find that high-quality management teams deliver superior performance relative to their benchmarks and/or peers.

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