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Frequently Asked Questions

How do rods and cones differ in terms of their function?

Rods and Cones are the photoreceptors found in the eye, rods have rod-like structure and provide twilight vision, while cones are of the cone shape, fewer in number and provides the vision in the day or bright light. Rods are found around the boundary of the retina, whereas cones are there in the centre of the retina.

What is the difference between rods and cones in terms of colour vision?

Rods and cones are the two types of photoreceptors in the human retina. Rods are in charge of vision in low light conditions (scotopic vision). They have poor spatial acuity and do not mediate colour vision. Cones are active at higher light levels (photopic vision), have colour vision, and are in charge of high spatial acuity.

Where are rods and cones located?

Rods are usually located around the boundary of the retina. Cones are usually located in the center of the retina. Rods are about 120 million photoreceptors out of the total 125 million photoreceptors in the human eye. Cones are 5 million photoreceptors. The outer segment is conical of Cones which contain iodopsin pigment.

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