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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Madre de Dios mean in Spanish?

The name of the region is derived from the Madre de Dios River, ultimately a tributary of the Amazon, and named by ethnic Spanish colonists. It is a very common Spanish language designation for the Virgin Mary, literally meaning Mother of God.

What does 'Nombre de Dios' mean?

Nombre de Dios (Spanish: "Name of God") is a city on the Atlantic coast of Panama in the Colón Province. Founded as a Spanish colony in 1510 by Diego de Nicuesa, it was one of the first European settlements on the Isthmus of Panama.

What is la ira de Dios?

La Ira de Dios is a Peruvian power psych band that combines many influences including 70s hard rock, space rock a la Hawkwind, krautrock, garage, punk and stoner rock.

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