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Frequently Asked Questions

Is PC better for disabled gamers than Xbox?

Rocky was a diehard Xbox gamer for years and only recently made the jump to PC, which he finds to be a much easier platform for disabled gamers. Playing on PC lets him skip the USB plug-in required to use a QuadStick on Xbox One and PS4, for one, and also makes input remapping much easier. Even so, he sees room for improvement.

What did Haddad say about being gay with a disability?

In the video, Haddad candidly opens up about navigating life as a gay man with a disability. "Because men are not approaching me in these bars, I started to believe that that meant that I was not sexy, I started to believe that something was wrong with me.

What is Ryan Haddad's disability?

Disabled. And Sexy As F*ck." Meet Ryan Haddad, a gay man in New York living with cerebral palsy. Haddad's story, "Gay. Disabled. And Sexy As F*ck.", is the first installment in YouTuber Davey Wavey 's #ThisIsMe video series.

Who is the PUBG streamer who is paralyzed?

Meet Rocky NoHands, the paralyzed PUBG streamer who kicks ass using only his mouth. Rocky Stoutenburgh. Rocky Stoutenburgh was unlucky. 11 years ago, when he was 19, he caught a nasty fall and landed in just the wrong way, severely dislocating two of his thoracic vertebrae and severing his spinal cord.

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