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Frequently Asked Questions

What is valorant shop discord bot?

it provides a notification system which allows you to add any weapon you desire to the bot, and once that weapon appears in your shop, it will automatically notify you as soon as possible so you will never miss it! Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List. How do I add Valorant Shop Discord Bot to my server?

What is discord bot?

A Discord Bot that allows you to view your ingame store, Battlepass Level, Night Market etc. for Riot's tactical shooter game Valorant!

How do I check if my discord store is active?

You can access the command list easily by using Discord’s Slash Command Interface ( /) Simply use the /login command to log into your Riot Account, the bot will automatically detect your region, and if active, will ask you to input a 2FA code. Checking your store on-the-go is as simple as using the /store command.

Is discord the best platform for gamers?

All gamers have used Discord. Discord can be used on smartphones and computers. We thought Discord was the best platform to implement features for gamers. You can check the daily store with just ONE message. Share what you store today with everyone on Twitter! The RGX VANDAL you've been longing for is here? Now let's share the joy with everyone!

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