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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using a Discord developer portal?

Discord’s Developer Portal is a central platform where developers can manage all aspects of their Discord apps, including managing teams and permissions. It also provides a wide array of stats on the servers you manage.

How do I enable Developer Mode on Discord?

Both the desktop application and the browser version of Discord have the Developer Mode setting hidden inside the “Advanced” section in the left-hand menu. Once you access that area, you can easily enable Developer Mode. On mobile devices (or at least on Android ), look for the “Behavior” section instead and then enable Developer Mode from there.

What are the types of commands available in the Discord Developer Portal?

Application commands are native ways to interact with apps in the Discord client. There are 3 types of commands accessible in different interfaces: the chat input, a message's context menu (top-right menu or right-clicking in a message), and a user's context menu (right-clicking on a user).

What is the base URL for the Discord Developer Portal?

Ensure that you have set as a valid redirect URI for your application in the Developer Portal, or this method will always return an error. Retrieve an oauth2 bearer token for the current user. If your game was launched from Discord and you call this function, you will automatically receive the token.

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