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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the life expectancy of someone with aortic dissection?

Patients were categorized into four groups according to the extension of the aortic replacement: SUPRACORONARY, ROOT, ARCH and EXTENSIVE. Results: Sixty-six patients (mean age 45±4 years; range 34-50 years) were considered eligible for this analysis. Overall in-hospital mortality was 24% (16/66 patients); and 25%, 23%, 20.5% and 43% in the SUPRACORONARY, ROOT, ARCH and EXTENSIVE groups, respectively.

What is the survival rate of an aortic dissection?

in its natural evolution, without treatment, acute type a aortic dissection reportedly has a mortality rate of about 1% per hour initially, with half of the patients expected to be dead by the 3rd day, and almost 80% by the end of the 2nd week. 3 death rates are lower but still significant in acute type b aortic dissection: 10% minimum at 30 …

How serious is a torn aorta?

The condition is generally fatal in most of the cases because of the excessive internal bleeding as a result of the rupture. The aorta is the main blood vessel which carries blood out of your heart.

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