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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Dixon global Cam and groove couplers interchangeable with other products?

GLOBAL CAM & GROOVE Dixon Global Cam and Groove Specifications Dixon Global Cam and Groove couplers and adapters are produced to interchange with all product produced to Mil-C-27487F. Designed for use with liquids, consult Dixon for specific recommendations.

What are cam and groove fittings made of?

When the cam arms or handles are closed, the male adapter is pulled into the female coupler, producing a tight seal against the female coupler’s gasket. Dixon’s cam and groove fittings are manufactured from stainless steel, aluminum, brass, malleable iron, unplated iron, ductile iron, polypropylene, and Hastelloy.

What is a cam and groove coupling?

Cam and groove couplings, also known as camlock fittings, cam levers, and cam couplings are a type of hose connection. This type of hose connection is popular because it is easy to quickly connect without the use of tools. The function of Dixon’s cam and groove couplings is simple.

Where can I buy Dixon products?

These products have been manufactured to Dixon’s qualifications and are available for sale in North America through the Dixon Distribution System of warehouses. Stainless Steel Couplers and Adapters

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