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Frequently Asked Questions

How to contact Dixon hose & coupling solutions?

• CUSTOMER SERVICE • INNOVATION • MANUFACTURING • QUALITY • TECHNICAL EXPERTISE • EXCELLENCE • DESIGN • H Hose & Coupling Solutions Customer Service: +44 (0)1772 323529 Email: [email protected] The Story so far... ... The Dixon Group is a world leading supplier of hose and coupling products.

What is Dixon product mix?

DIXON PRODUCT MIX - “The Right Connection” PLASTIC FITTINGS QUICK RELEASE FITTINGS Quick Disconnect Fittings, PVC Tubing, Tubing Cutters, Tuff-Lite Nylon & Polypropylene Hose Fittings. Range of Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Dry Disconnects.

What are hose fittings and couplings?

Hose fittings and couplings are parts used to create custom hose assemblies for carrying air, water, fluids, and chemicals through a pipe system. Cam and groove fittings and gaskets connect or disconnect pipe, tubing, or hose without tools. Use Chicago-style universal hose couplings for air or water applications.

What is the difference between Gladhands and garden hose fittings?

Garden hose fittings and couplings connect garden hoses to water, accessories, or each other. Gladhands connect pressurized air hoses or brake lines from trucks or semi-tractors to trailers.

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