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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you fish in Dixon Lake in California?

Dixon Lake is located in the northern Escondido hills and offers fishing, camping, boating, hiking and picnicking. Dixon Lake is open year-round. Gates open at 6:00 a.m. daily; park closes at dusk. Night fishing is available during the summer months. Dixon Lake is stocked with trout and catfish annually.

Will I return to Dixon Lake?

Because of the lack of enforcement on any level at Dixon Lake, I will not return until nature has thinned out the herd a lot more. Tucked away in Northern Escondido is Dixon Lake, a man made reservoir with a dam. Most people come here for fishing and picnicking. There are several tiny fishing docs with benches that are clean.

What are the campgrounds at Dixon Lake?

Campsites at Dixon Lake range from secluded and shaded, to wide open views of the lake, mountains or city lights. The campground is open year-round, with 24 hour accessibility.

Is alcohol allowed in Dixon Lake?

Remember, no alcohol is allowed on shore or in boats. Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the park. Violations of these rules will result in ejection from the lake. Please contact the Dixon Lake Reservation Line at (760) 839-4045 with any questions, or to make a reservation by phone.

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