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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dogsong the best song in Undertale?

strangely, it seems this is the best life for everyone. Dogsong is the 21st track in the Undertale Soundtrack. It plays during the battle against the Greater Dog miniboss (at 0.95 speed), when the Annoying Dog steals the legendary artifact in the Artifact Room, and in the end of Hard Mode after defeating Toriel .

What is his Dogsong?

It is the song of his bond with his dogs, a bond so deep that his dogs are part of every aspect of his life, including his children and his wife—it is his Dogsong. Unlock this Study Guide! Join SuperSummary to gain instant access to all 48 pages of this Study Guide and thousands of other learning resources.

When was Dogsong written?

Overview Dogsong, first published in 1985, is a young adult novel by American author Gary Paulsen, who wrote Dogsongwhile he was training his dog sled team for his first Iditarod run. It was awarded the Newbery Honor Award in 1986.

Is Dogsong a true story?

Dogsong is young adult novel by Gary Paulsen and a Newbery Honor winner. Inspired by the Eskimo shaman Oogruk, Russel Susskit takes a dog team and sled to escape the modern ways of his village and to find his own "song" of himself, hating the sound of snowmobiles and his father's coughing in the morning.

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