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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Doug Henry Ford Inc?

Once you've driven your new car home, Doug Henry Ford Inc. continues to have your back. That's because our expert team of Ford technicians is standing by to provide you with the care your vehicle needs to remain as reliable as the day you bought it.

How did Henry Ford get financing for his first car?

Through his friend, Detroit mayor William C. Maybury, Murphy met Henry Ford in the late 1890s and provided financing for Ford’s Detroit Automobile Company which was organized on August 5, 1899.

Who is fredfredericks’s chief body engineer?

Fredericks also recruited a highly skilled NYC automotive engineer named Charles Augustus Gerry, to serve as the new firm’s chief body engineer.

What makes frankfranklin Hershey's ultra modern body unique?

Franklin Hershey's ultra modern body featured a number of innovative features that were initially introduced at the Paris Salon by Count Alexis de Sakhnoffsky and the European coachbuilders, D’Ieteren Freres and Van den Plas. The sedan body featured concealed rain troughs plus doors that extended into the roof - à la Kaiser.

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