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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install an ISO file?

Open your ISO burning software. Go to the folder where you stored the ISO file, and select it. Insert a blank CD into the CD drive on your computer. The blank CD must have enough space to save the ISO image. Tell the ISO burning software which drive contains the blank CD.

Is Windows 10 ISO bootable?

ISO files are basically images of the setup files, and the Windows 10 ISO files are available from Microsoft. Once Windows 10 media creation tool has finished doing its job, you should have a Windows 10 bootable USB disk/ DVD drive, depending upon the option you chose.

How do I create ISO image in Windows 10?

Create ISO File Windows 10 On the Windows 10 download page, download the media creation tool by selecting Download tool now, then run the tool. In the tool, select Create installation media (USB flash drive, DVD, or ISO) for another PC > Next. Select the language, architecture, and edition of Windows, you need and select Next. Select ISO file > Next, and the tool will create your ISO file for you. To use the ISO file as a backup for your PC or on another PC, burn it onto a DVD. See More....

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