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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose DressBarn's women's shoes?

Our women's shoes are designed with comfort in mind without sacrificing style, so you always have the pair you need. Take a step in the right direction every time you slip on a pair of dressbarn's comfortable and stylish women's slide sandals, booties, sneakers, boots, pumps, and more.

What is drivedressbarn?

Dressbarn was opened on the premise of providing well-made but inexpensive dress and work clothes with excellent style and fit for all women, regardless of their body type. The first store was opened in Stamford, Connecticut in 1962 by Rosalyn Jaffe.

What are the different types of clothes at DressBarn?

Clothing lines at Dressbarn are divided into three categories: Misses, Plus Size and Petites. Misses are cut for the average woman with a regular frame, average torso length and average length arms and legs. Plus size is cut for women who are a little wider at the shoulder as well as in the larger sizes.

How many DressBarn Stores are there in the United States?

There are nearly 200 Dressbarn outlet stores across the United States. Three states have more Dressbarn outlet locations than any others. Those states are: California and Pennsylvania each have 17 outlet stores.

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